(H)5.2 2k+ RBG group

hey, im 2400 exp on both arenas and rbgs on my HPal(main) and BM hunter, battlemaster, duelist missed glad a couple of times by just a twinkie..anywho if your interested let me know and will gladly join the hunt, looking for guaranteed main spot, wanting to get back into rateds this season, cheers
add me tempo
Hey spam sorry about the other night I've just been working alotttt this week and still trying to get some wow time in at night = no sleep lol. I'm still down for next week/ all next season tho
i have this Prot Warr, ran all last season as Prot. Couldn't find any good pugs, managed to reach around 1970 highest then fell down a bit. Can talk more through In-game - Skillet#1263. I'm assuming this is a horde group though...
always, always, always guardian fc. then imo 2x mw monk hpal rogue dk mage lock spriest moonkin and im 2400 exp check my armorythe reasons guardian fc over prot warr: stealth, shifts out of roots on a 1.5s cd, can become another healer with a cooldown, and cannot really be dismounted. prot warrs on the other hand just get more stuns, spell reflect, and second wind, but really go so much slower and can be poly'd off their mounts so easy then quick capped on at any point when you dont have a flag. for mitigation, basically it's a tie, guardian even gets 25% reduced dmg taken from spells, a slightly shorter shield wall cd than warrs glyphed(which it should be), and a version of last stand
2k rbg exp 1750+ arena exp affliction/demo lock. EMTGuy#1107
This is decay. For some reason my 2k achievement doesn't show on him so I'm posting on my main.
sent you a request. throw me a whisper if you see me on, too many battlenet friends right now><
I'll be leveling a Horde Rogue on Tich. It's not top on my priority list atm but I would love to help you out. I'm 2k exp on Rogue, I am a 2500+ exp player though and have Hero of the Horde/Alliance (on it's way as soon as they release titles). Just let me know and I will finish leveling him up (He is at around 77 now).
i cant promise a spot or anything like that without seeing you play the class you want to play. if we dont have a rogue by the time you get full welfare and assuming you dont take to long to do so you could come along and we would see how you do.
I didn't get the request. I'm online now if you want to send it.
2500 Arena rogue
2550 RBGS

Just looking for solid group that will push rating and stick together.

My realid is

-already added you.

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