Mystical Recruiting 1600Mmr+ for Pvp

<Mystical> is a tightly knit group of friends that extend all over North America and beyond. Being one of the newer guilds on the server (14 months) our core members have extensive experience and have spent countless hours in game, Pve & Pvp. Over the years our Core members have been dedicated to progression and being the best that they can be. Now that we have come together here in <Mystical> we share the same principles and ideals when pushing progression, While maintaining a friendly atmosphere. Every member has a great sense of personal responsibilty when "Bringing something to the Table". We offer the best, We expect that in return. We Pvp and have a strong social base in guild and know good times are a must. We promote and encourage teamwork and helping those who show potential and a strong sense of the word "Team". Fun, Friendly, Ferocious! If you think you fit the bill and want to become a member feel free to fill out the application in full.

Currently Looking to recruit for (Pvp) Rbg's & Arena 1600mmr+

-Resto Druid

-Misteaver Monk

-Subtlety Rogue

-FC >>Warrior/Monk/Guardian Druid

-Unholy Death Knight

Anyone of exceptional skill and experienced is welcome to apply!!

Contact Info:

Pvp Squad Leaders: (Shadowballz)-Kryreaper#1485, (Stepdad)-AnArChY1#1171
Hi May!
The opposite of down?....... oh yeah UP!
I challenge any horde healing class to join and outheal me in our guild rbg. DO EET!

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