Afternoon Raids

Putting together Afternoon Raids!

First let me take the time to introduce myself. My name is Kore and ive been around Thrall for quite some time. I transfered in from Suramar early in Burning Crusade to raid with the morning guild Forgotten. We progressed in content prenerf from Kara through Sunwell. Forgotten again started raiding in Wrath and we cleared all the initial content, again, prenerf. This would prove to be the end of my serious raiding days, as my work would only allow me to raid from time to time with casual guilds.
Now has come the time that Im looking to start raiding on a regular schedule again but much like forgotten with its odd raid times, im not able to raid the traditional times due to College and other personal responsibilities.

Tenative Raid Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
4:00pm - 7:00pm (server)
These times have a little flex to them as nothing is in stone. I am looking to start and clear all 10 man content and all are welcome regardless of Item lvl and experience.

If you have any desire or ability to raid in the above time frames, please respond to this message or contact me in game on Korelok. If enough support I will create a guild and establish Vent as well as a website.

Thanks in advance and I hope to hear form you!
Just responded to your earlier post, didn't see this one. I am def interested.

Ill contact you in game. Thanks.
I might also be interested, the raid times are good for me. I am not able to raid yet, of course, but plan to be soon and also I am looking for a new home on Thrall. been on this server for a few years. I took a break from the game right before mists launched, but I raided quite a bit in cata and also in wrath. contact me in game if you need a warlock, or perhaps just someone to hang out and such. moritus#1497
Moritus, Ill contact you in game. Thanks for your response.
Guild has been formed, Visit the thread here:

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