<Resonance> (Horde) recruiting for Patch 5.2!


I’m recruiting for a newly transferred guild called <Resonance.>Things we’re going fairly smoothly for us before the Christmas holidays, but we fell into some hard times since then. We thought Patch 5.2 would be a nice place for a fresh start.

What kind of guild are we?

At the moment we’re a progression minded 10-man guild, with hopes to moving to 25-man if the situation arises.

As for what level of progression we’re talking about... during Cataclysm we dabbled in Heroic level raids. Many of the same players are still a part of the guild, so we expect similar results if all goes well.

What roles are we looking for?

At the moment we’re looking to fill out the rest of our raid team, which consists of a pretty even mixture of healers and DPS. But what we really need are 2 solid tanks.

Our current setup is: Resto Druid. Elemental / Resto Shaman, Warlock, DPS Death Knight, and a Mage.

When do we raid?

Our current raid time is 7-11 PM Server time, Wednesday and Thursday. (With the possibility of Tuesday as well.)

What content will we be doing?

We missed out on the bulk of progression during Tier 14, so we’re going to be focusing on the new Throne of Thunder raid when it’s released. But this also means we may have some catching up to do. We’ll do HoF and ToES when we need to, but our primary goal is to get into Tier 15 content as soon as we can. (the new LFR and valor point rewards will help speed up the gearing process)

What type of players are we looking for?

Finding like minded players can sometimes be a challenge, but what we’re looking for should be fairly common. We’re interested in steady progression and having fun. We’re looking for people who play to their best and take things seriously. Oh, and getting along with us doesn't hurt either.

Gear wise, if you’re ready for the Throne of Thunder LFR (Item Level 480) then that’s the minimum level of gear expected. (alternatively, get ready to run some dailies!)

Sounds great! Who should I contact?

If you’re interested at all, you should contact either of the officers , Asciran or Zivanthia; or the Guild Master Induin.

We hope to hear from you soon!

- The guild members of <Resonance>

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