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Hi there. I have started switching my pet related activities from just random collecting to actually leveling them a little more seriously and doing the trainer battles. The issue i am encountering is i have 643 pets now, many of them duplicates, but i don't know which ones to keep and which to toss.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips or things i should look out for when deciding which pets to release/cage and give away and how to determine what breeds are worth keeping and which are worth tossing.

Any help is appreciated, much thanks.
Well, for starters, if it can be bought from a convenient vendor, you don't need more than one. You really don't need more than three. Eight crimson snakes, for example, is a little excessive.
Like Fink said, any that can be bought you keep the good breed and sell/give away the rest. can give you some good information on your breeds as well as the duplicates you have.

I would focus on switching out your poor/commons for rares and uncommons.
If intend to keep your unique count up, and have the most viable pets, I suggest, for the 'plain' pets (spiders, snakes, squirrels and such), spreading the breeds out across the whole scope of them. as in;

Take a feverbite spider in P/P (one of I believe only 3 spiders that come in P/P), than worry on a P/S spider in another flavor (Desert for example). Same with frogs, snakes, all the cut/paste moveset pets. It allows you to have the option to switch to the proper breed without having to have more than one of any other type.

Also, if pets come in multiple breeds, it's usually, but not always easy to see what the 'proper' breeds for a pet are. If it has a lot of 'attacks first' moves, than obviously a speed breed would be best, unless it has good speed boost abilities (overtune, adrenaline rush, dazzling dance).

It's almost a science, but a lot of pets out there have breeds that you just shouldn't bother with (speed breeds on snails and all turtles except speedy for example).
Make sure you have an addon that shows the breed type of your pets, that way you can make an informed decision about what to keep. "battle pet breed id" is a really good one.

If you really want to maximize, go here and load your collection. It shows all your breeds and flags any exact copies. And it shows all of the available breeds for any given pet.

Also, on the abilities page there is a sidebar which has a button called "rankings" it shows the breeds with the best stats for each set of abilities. I have spent so many hours on this site analyzing my collection. I even donated to the site, it's just that awesome.
This is just a much delayed thank you for the advice given to me in this thread. I ended up getting an addon that let me see pet breeds and i have been weeding out a lot of my duplicates and leveling up various teams. For most of the vendor pets that are duplicates i am simply giving them away to friends who are jsut starting pet collecting.

So once again, thanks for putting me on the right track regarding breeds.

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