Priest and Mage Looking to Xfer for 5.2 Raid

Myself, a 493 holy/disc priest (could also go shadow if needed) along with my buddy a 492 Mage are looking to transfer to this server and hopefully find a home in 10 man, or possibly 25 main raiding guild. We are looking mainly for a guild that raids 2 night a week (Monday thru Thursday, or Sunday) between the hours of 7pm and 11pm server. We have both played and raided since vanilla however our current guild and server aren't providing the kind of raid environment and progression we are looking for. We are both working adults and with limited play time who would like to spend it progressing in 5.2 as efficiently as possible with a bunch of cool/fun/competent people.

Feel free to contact me through this post or via battletag scabsworth#1269 or Grimes at Grimes#1202

Hey fluke,

<The Chosen> is in need of a healer and a ranged dps so mage would fit perfectly. Our progression has been slow due to guildies' family lives and situations beyond our control. We have are a guild of adults as well so we understand about limited play time. We currently raid 3 nights a week, however, but the hours are what you are looking for. We raid M, W, Th from 8:30-11pm est/server time. My btag is Turtle#1235. I'll add you as well. I'd love to talk with you further to see if we fit your needs.


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