LF Horde Leveling Buddy (Lvl 85 or lvl 1-20)

Hi, I decided to start playing again, but unfortunately most of my friends either quit or I don't want to play with. I don't know too many things about MOP, but I was pretty good back in the day :P

I want to level a monk or mage from lvl 1 to 90 I think and my shadow priest from 85 to 90. I will xfer my spriest over soon.

My qualifications, maybe you guys like that?:
Realm First BT, Sunwell
Realm First Every WOTLK Boss
Realm First First Tier of Cata
I used to play far too much and hardcore.

Edit: I also wouldn't mind an invite to a progression 25m raiding guild. I just want to be social and relive the raiding days. I can offer experience?

I'm interested in this very much. Pay no attention to the fact that the toon I'm posting from is on Stormreaver,i just transferred 2 90's to Mal'Ganis and can't afford to transfer any more so I'm going to re level. I also have acess to a private non guild vent server that me and a few friends keep up for purposes like this, that is if you prefer communicating via voice client over typing everything. My battletag is thorgrom#1426. Get with me in game if your interested and we can discuss playing times and other things.
Alright, I sent you a freind req.

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