how do you kill demonology lock?

it seems it takes me forever to get them down low and once they do they just pop health stone and start draining my life not to mention there pets... - wat do forums, wat do
It might be your gear tbh, best I can say is Diffuse Magic whenever you see them go red and hope for the best.
Get rid of the caster cloak?
Here is an example of fighting 1v1 with a demo lock. At the end of this arena match it's just me against the demo lock.
1v1, you really don't.

Any decently geared/played lock will win it, considering Imps + Felguard can kill you before you can kill him. That, and between coil, axe stun, and blood fear, you probably won't be near him much.

Also, chaos damage goes through diffuse magic. :l
dat gear

I don't see how you could kill anything in that. Try to get a good weapon first.
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Also, chaos damage goes through diffuse magic. :l

bro. be serious. tell me ur just playing
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bro. be serious. tell me ur just playing

Chaos damage includes all the schools, as well as physical.
It's the same reason you can use a paladin's Hand of Protection and immune Chaos.

Soooo, yeah it goes through it. :(
Save karma for when they meta. Leg sweep the imps. In most situations this is a "don't fight them" scenario. Possible to kill them? Yes. Are your chances good against a like skilled/geared opponent? No.
The thing i found after fighting some of the best pvp demo locks on my server which may or may not be as strong as other servers , it really comes down to timing and line of sight.

My usual deal is to get on them asap, the longer you spend out in the open the easier the locks gonna get more than enough demonic fury to drop you even through ToK, using your CC's and Defensive cooldowns chained you should be able to buy yourself time to get into the fight, Teleport into the line of sight, heal (includes all 3 forms, Chi, Expel, Sphere) Paralyzing the pet (since locks cant free their pet).

Now most warlcoks will pull out their imps just before they burst so if you see it make sure you have enough chi to shut down the soon to be coming damage. Lock goes into burst, Touch of Karma, if the lock attacks great, if it doesn't use the time to either heal or build up some chi and launch fireblossoms, the moment your ToK is going down you need to pull out of the fight to heal and buy time for any stuns you may have, for example. ToK goes down, Teleport, Spam spheres, if pet comes around, use it for chi wave or paralyze it, and get back into the fight.

The more times you catch the lock out of Demon form the better your chances are.
When in demon form your best attack is Spinning fire blossom (since it bypasses the massive armor they get, and at range you can launch a few then duck into LoS and pop some heals off)

Make good use of all your moves and make sure you time it as best you can.

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