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Bleeding Hollow
Hello BH Horde

I am looking for a pro raiding guild, current ilvl is 490, progression is 6/6 and 2/6. I am one of those good players who has been stuck in crappy guilds who just can't seem to get !@#$ done.
I keep falling for the crap like "just xffered here" or "new guild LF like minded" blah blah blah. What i would love to find is a guild who clears content as current content, progresses in heroic modes, clears Glory Runs, Challenge Mode Golds, all on a 3 or less night a week schedule.

I prefer Friday / Saturday raiding due to my work schedule requiring me to get up at 3 and 4am eastern.

If no guilds are out there i'd love to find some like minded players to try to start a pro Friday / Saturday guild lolol.

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bleeding-hollow/Nith%C3%ADlus/simple

I have Vent, Mumble, and can run WoL. Any other questions post here or hit me up in game at Malakk#1907
Not to sound like one of those guilds you keep falling for but we just transferred to this server from Anetheron 8 days ago (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/anetheron/Ctrl+Alt+Del) due to attendance issues and no population to replace them from. Unfortunately only half of us, so far, has been able to make the xfer and have only picked up 1-2 good players since xferring.

We raid Wed/Fri 7-10, not sure if you could do the Wednesday time, but we could try and work around it if you're interested. Dreggs#1949 if you're interested.
i actually added someone else from your guild on realid, whoever started the post for you guys in the BH forums. Wednesdays i have prior commitments sadly
Yes, quite unfortunate. Well keep us in mind, raid times are never set in stone IMO until we've decided on the 10 we're going to go with.
Yea i have nothing going on Thurs - Sunday Currently (school is why Wednesdays are no good)
atm we kind of revolve around 1 persons work schedule, i think maybe they can change it soon, i'll keep in touch
Well it looks like my Tues / Weds / Thursday may be clearing up. So LF Raiding guild who gets content cleared, and raids 7pm - 11pm (within that time frame)
I think I just saw you doin dailies. Hiya :)
Could have been, i was out there with someone saying "2 cutest paladins from tempest are here" .... or something of that nature. Lol.
We're raiding tonight at 7 server if you wanna give us a shot.
How did things go last night, i never heard back from ya. tho i could have been afk?
WTB good guild with active players who actually want to run things or farm things that you can't solo, does that exist on this server?

oh yea i am a ret pally.....

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