Holy Block

somthing new for me here guys am having a problem with Holy block this prevents me from any form of a heal for 15 sec is there a counter to this I am missing

tank dies in the mean time :) then one by one at each holy block cast on me

any tips
You are going to have to be more specific. I'm either missing something really obvious or you aren't making sense.

Are you in an instance? Which one? If you are being interrupted, rely on instant heals OR figure out which mob it is and hit them with Hammer of Justice to stun them for a few seconds. This is why I spec for Fist of Justice. The range and 30s cooldown is a nice thing. Sadly, I see little use for Repentance in PVE, especially at lower levels where things die really fast.

If it's a spell you are being hit with, try to interrupt or, again, use your stun. I use mouse over macros for healing, this allows me to target mobs for offensive purposes and still heal without fumbling with targeting. Interrupting is supposed to be a tank/dps job, but you can't really depends on a PuGs for much. That's why I do it myself.

I have no idea if that helps :P
thanks first holy here so never seen this holy lock not even on my priest I lvled to 85 will try your tips for sure

oh btw just ran that instance and not one holy block so nor sure whats going on

some of the lower level dungeons have this, and ya sometimes it makes the tank die. I found that standing further away from the enemies makes this happen less. I haven't noticed it on my holy paladin in the upper level dungeons. Dont let this small annoyance stop you from working on your holy paladin though.
It is just a new graphic for the same old silence. If you are getting hit with it then you are receiving it from somewhere. Check your chat window under the "what happened to me" tab, you'll find the effect and who cast it.

The most likely places you'll see it at your level are probably the monks kicking you in the monastery, or the bats in Razorfen. Whatever the case, in those dungeons it is just a matter of standing a few feet back from the mobs.

I personally prefer to stand just behind the mobs being tanked so I'm in range of the tanks AOE effects and can get rid of any threat fast. This puts me in range of silence and interrupts so I take note of the mob when it happens so I can avoid it in the future. Don't forget that some of these effects can be dispelled.

Bottom line is that Holy Lock is just the same old silence effect with a shiny new graphic. Treat is just like any other interrupt and look for the mob that cast it, how they cast it, and then you can avoid it. There is no new unavoidable Holy Lockout.
also I think "every man for himself" (racial trait) may allow you to break this...try it out
Deffinently not 15 seconds of silence..
Picking up the low level pvp trinket is worth its weight in gold (honor, should be 45). It breaks almost all the standard stun, silence, fear, etc. I still keep mine equipped because you just never know when you'll need it.

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