Celebrity Birthday Party -- Who?

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If you could have one celebrity come to your birthday party, who would it be? Tell who and then explain why.

Mine: Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures <3
1) He's hot
2) He's funny
3) He's built well... ;3
4) He's got a certain nerdiness about him that helps his personality big time! He's very attractive ;D

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Wrong forum, bro.

But Ghost Adventures is hilarious. I like making a drinking game out of early episodes: Take a drink whenever someone says "Dude."
Sorry it's the wrong forum :) My daughter was bored so I let her make a post as long as it was appropriate... She wouldn't have known, I'll be more specific in my directions next time; or don't let her post at all :P And they still say "Dude" a lot... Another fun idea for that would be every time Aaron makes his *0* face! :)
If I could have one celebrity come to my birthday party, I'd choose J.K. Rowling. I would have many very geeky questions to ask her.
The only one I can think of is Felicia Day, but I already got to see her on my birthday at the last BlizzCon.

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