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so today i paid for a character transfer after waiting a few hours and nothing happening i gave up, not everyone has hours upon hours to play some people only get a few hours here or there and we pay the $15 a month for lousy service from them. Not to mention the multiple character transfer/race change fee's. fact is ive been playing and paying for my account for years now and everything just keeps seeming to go downhill i can see why so many people have canceled there accounts sure theres many more to come, maybe even mine soon...
In the FAQ it tells you straight out that it can take several DAYS to process. While not normal it does happen and you are warned about it. Also your 15.00 a month pays for access to the servers, which you have been getting.
If you wish the devs to see your comments, you will have to make a constructive post in the General Discussions forum. They do not come here for feedback, but they do certainly monitor General for it.
thanks tannyya unlike the other two your info was helpful
02/27/2013 07:32 PMPosted by Böõndock
thanks tannyya unlike the other two your info was helpful

Both Scuba and Ravenwulf provided you with correct information.
Let us avoid the hyperbole, Boondock, the "I can see why people are cancelling" comments aren't productive or even accurate and they lend nothing to the discussion.

As Scuba mentioned character services can take up to a few days. It is written into the FAQ as well as Declaimers page. For example:

The transfer process is not immediate, and a character will not be available for play while a transfer is pending. Under normal conditions the process should take under an hour, but please allow up to several days for a transfer to complete.

Now, we have received multiple reports of some delays that are being looked into, but again, that there is a delay is still within the normal constraints of the system.

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