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I see so many threads where people are looking for rp. They cannot find it...a realm full of rpers and they cannot seem to find exactly what it is they want.

I have a proposal to make, a challenge so to speak. For those of you who are looking, see if they will help you find the kind of rp you like.

There are dozens of rpers in this forum. Some post frequently, some maybe once or twice. (Perhaps their alts are better known?) Sometimes I have to admit, I see a post I find particularly well written, and I say to myself..."I should go on that person's realm and send them a letter...telling them how impressed I am with their writing...and maybe see if they are interested in some kind of storyline or random rp."

So tell me...what would you do to get a person's attention? If you saw them on your realm or maybe if you saw them on the forums, posting a story idea or concept you liked...would you write a letter? Post here and hope they notice?

On the other hand, what would be your reaction if you got such a letter or some attention you were not expecting? Would you respond? Would you be flattered someone noticed?

I challenge all of you who are looking for rp to approach someone new today. Maybe it is someone you have not seen before, or maybe someone you have seen running around on your realm, or even a cross realm encounter. But rp is out there! Sometimes you have to be the one to start it!
I like this idea!

I learnt long ago that not everyone will begin a random RP session for you, and sometimes you have to take initiative. In order to get the attention of random people, I usually check to see if they're doing something interesting, or wearing something unusual. Something that makes them stand out. Breaking the ice can be difficult, but that's usually the hardest part.

Also, seeing people that I've noticed on the forums is always cool. While none of my characters may directly interact with you, you can be sure that I'm at my keyboard, pointing at the screen going "It's you! I know you!"

In-Game mail is rarely taken advantage of, which is a shame considering how amazing it can be to write IC letters. OOC letters are also nice. Would I send one to somebody who's RP style I like? Possibly. Would I be flattered to receive one? Absolutely. I always get giddy when I hear people saying they enjoy RP'ing with me, it makes my day.
I have been found on one occassion by someone who knew me by my postings in our guild journals on the forums (Rising Sun Fellowship journals IC). We had an interesting discussion on World of Warcraft, and the folks who play it. Also, she said she enjoyed reading my posts, which made me feel really good. It was a good friendly chat with someone who knew my character rom the forums, and happened to run into me in game.

And I was flattered in just being recognized in game by someone who had got to know my character from reading the forums.

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