Zealots of Cloister is recruiting!!

Zealots of Cloister is a casual level 25 guild that is looking for new members to refill our ranks for raiding. We raid Tue/Thurs 5pm server. Looking for a non pally tanks as well as dps(mage, monk, warrior). Nothing against pallys but we have our fill!
We currently raid in a guild alliance but would like to build another raid team and start raiding on our own. Our group consists of mature adults, some with children so interruptions will be part of raids sometimes. We are a fun group but are serious about progressing through to the next level. Mistakes are to be made at times and we do not tolerate yelling or belittling of other players. It’s just a game people!
For info please reply to this post or pst Bastilashan, Sollarian, or Vaxizoq in game.
Good group of n00bs (especially the hunter), I mean people :)

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