Ethereal is recruiting an Officer for PVP

Since our formation in late November of last year, our player base has grown far beyond our expectations in a very short amount of time. Today we hold approximately 250 accounts, each of which hold varying interests in the game. Being a PVP server, it may come to no surprise that a great deal of them have an interest in PVP content, rather it be Rated Battlegrounds, Arena, World PVP, or even lower level Battlegrounds for those trying to level or for those who just enjoy the atmosphere of such. We are looking for someone passionate in Player versus Player content to take the reins of such interests in our growing guild, and help us not only to become more formidable in PVP at large, but to make a fighting effort to make a name for ourselves as a guild, as well as part of the Alliance on Stormreaver.

The interested player should consider the following:

~ have a strong interest in PVP content, and be willing to dedicate him/herself to the PVP portion of World of Warcraft content.
~ have a schedule that allows for the availability of at least 5 evenings a week, preferably during the 7pm – 10pm hours.
~ prior leadership experience is a plus, but certainly not required. Leadership skills however, are expected as the interested player will potentially take charge of events involving several players.

To anyone interested, please let Kahlly, our recruiting Officer, or Xezzu, our Guild Master know in game so we may set up a meeting with you for interview. We look forward to talking with any and all potential applicants.
Do you guys have an open spot for an Enh Sham in your RBGs?

potentially. msg me in game =)
still looking for additional officers/leaders for pvp!
I will be coming back to Stormreaver soon to rejoin my old guild Air. However, I am interested in pvp content when I move back. Although I will not be in your guild, would you consider me for pvp play?
it's possible we could potentially use you as a backup. Once we find an officer ultimately it would be up to them
if only I was Alliance rather than Horde I would love to help your guild grow and thrive in PvP, I would like to add though I recommend previous leadership in guild management as a officer or GM and/or a RBG leader. I have lead my own guild and RBG team within that guild and people responded more to me as a experienced PvP'er and leader apposed to a guildie of ours who attempted to lead a RBG night in my absence.
Our goals for expanding our leadership for PVP don't stop necessarily at the Officer. If you are uncomfortable with having the responsibility of that position, but would like to help out, but in a less "severe" position, we are also looking for Leaders (Our Officers to the Officers rank, if you will) to help out the PVP Officer with various tasks. The requirements aren't much different, if at all really, but something else to consider for those who may be interested.
then you should just faction change ;)
Ah I would love to but I only rolled this server to PvP with my buddy who also is a Undead rogue, I am working on a priest leveling through RAF though but i wont have him 90 for a little longer, so wont be much use to you guys lol
Gimmie 100000 gold and I will lead!
if you guys wanted I have been looking for a guild were i can make a impact, i'd be willing to PL a toon with RAF to be PvP lead, you could pick the class you think would be best suited or if its left to me I'd roll Druid or a Shaman. Let me know though ill be on forums for quite a bit of the day so i can reply when ever.
Its up to you, if you think that it would be something you're interested in we'd be happy to have you, but thats a choice you gotta make. If you wanna invite a lvl 1 alt to the guild to get a feel for the community I'd be happy to invite you!
That would be fantastic, If you dont mind giving me a interview also that would be a huge step, i want to be sure i could provide what you are looking for, which i think i can but its always nice for both party's to know that lol. i will be online around 6pm Server or 7pm EST.
@Pcjc Next time you are online, throw me a whisper please. I'd enjoy the chance to chat with you a bit.
Damn it why do I have to be horde! With the start of this season I will for the first time be completely out of friends to pvp with, life sucks as I could use a guild like this which seems to have friendly active players interested in pvp. One day I shall fine one like yours I hope, best of luck guys!

well seeing as how we're perfect, you should probably just faction change and join us.

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