Ethereal is recruiting an Officer for PVP

I wish I could but my wife controls my leash..ah..I mean my funds..oh wife is amazing and lets me do whatever pfft!
lemme talk to her. I'm convincing.
Only if Tauren were Alliance.
faction change ftw
Idk if I could.

What race could be as good as Tauren.
space goats?
I don't think much of anything'll taste quite as good as Tauren.
Draenei, bahaha
I made a space goat named "Fistweavin"

Look for me!
They look so weird in gear, lol.

Maybe i'll check out dwarves
dwarves are stinky. Gnome?
Human, duh.
Gnomes are way to small.

I'd go human but thats boring :x lol
Worgen? =X

They're furry and stuff; possibly a little less than Tauren? May be not. Definitely more than dwarves.
Worgen can't be monk sadly :(
Humans don't look to bad
wow there what's up with the bumping!!!

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