LFM Casual Raid Group - Patch 5.2 & Forward

For the past 3-4 years I've casually raided with a 10 man group in Insomnia that was composed mainly of friends and people who have played together for a long time. With the release of Pandaria things sort of began to fall apart, and we were unable to consistently find guildies or friends who wanted to raid. This caused us to cancel our raid permanently, leaving myself without a raid group.

A few friends and I plan to run a casual 10 man group, and we'll be needing people to fill a few spots. This run will be super casual, and will prioritize having fun over everything else. I've listed below a few things about the group that you may be interested in knowing before signing up:

  • The group will raid on Tuesday and Thursday nights between 7:30-10:30 server time, PST.

  • We'll use group loot for the raid. I've never cared about gear. To me it's simply a means for killing more bosses. It shouldn't be something that causes drama in the group. If you need the item need it; if not pass.

  • We'll probably use TeamSpeak 3 for communication, but I'm also open to Mumble as well as Skype.

  • I'm not looking to carry anyone through the raid, or teach anyone how to play this game. I expect you to be a good player, and for you to be able to prove in some way to me that you aren't bad (former end-game raid progression, high pvp experiance, ect.) I won't expect anything more out of you than I do myself.

  • You will be expected to have near 100% attendance to our raid. One of the most important things to me is showing up on time, ready to go. I don't want to ever pug players from trade chat, or have to wait around for people to log on.

  • We're planning to start in a couple of weeks, as a few people are going to gear their characters a bit before we raid. We'll probably start by raiding MSV & HoF for the first two weeks or so to help finish peoples legendary quests, and then we'll slowly progress into Throne of Thunder.

  • We currently have a few players that are open to flexing between classes, so feel free to post even if we're not looking for your role.

    The following spots are currently available, and still need to be filled:


    Currently filled spots are:

    Melee DPS: Descon (DK)
    Melee DPS: Strikur (Warrior)
    Ranged DPS: Saffirea (Mage)
    Ranged DPS: Stíggíe (Warlock)
    Ranged DPS: Bendis (Hunter)
    Healer: Xarii (Monk)
    Healer: Shellfish (Shaman)


    Please contact me either via this forum post, or in game with any questions.

    Best regards, Descon.
    good deal!
    Bump, still looking for raiders!
    Wish you guys were horde! Your guild sounds like a guild environment I'm looking for on Tich. Good luck!
    To clarify, I'm not recruiting people for a guild, just a casual 10 man raid. Still looking for 3 others!
    Bumpity bump! Still need two tanks and a pally or priest healer.

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