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Whenever I alt tab for a bit and come back I notice I get spammed with battlenet errors like so and so is not online over and over and over in my chat. I'm pretty sure it's coming from OQ. Does anyone else have this problem? Can I fix it?
Maybe ask in the oQueue forums:
why post here for an addon question?

most likely the issue is that you've been alt-tabbed for 30-60 seconds or more and a number of people on your b-net friends list have logged out. oQueue cache's the presenceIDs for 5-10 seconds then refreshes. if you alt-tab, oQueue's timers are nonfunctional. therefore, when you tab back in, it wakes up and tries to send out messages... before re-caching the presenceIDs. of course, some of them are no longer valid... and b-net complains.

what you can do is set you maxfpsbk to at least 20.
/console set maxfpsbk 20

this would insure oQueue's timers continue to function.
in the future, jump into vent or the forums and we'll help you out.

vent: wow.publicvent.org : 4135
forums: http://oqueue.forumotion.com/

i hope that helps,


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