quick lock question

making my first ever max level alliance toon and I chose lock. Why? Because they wrecked me a bunch in vanilla. Thats why. A few quick questions, Aff is still viable for dps per this forum and noxxic.com.

How do you do decent dps on trash mobs? i know for aoe pulls you can spam your seed, what do you do for 1-2 mobs? by the time I full dot stuff its dead.

On bosses my lock is starting to do ok, but its not his fault, i'm a crappy lock driver. I'm too used to lolfrost dps.

I'm starting to ramble lemme tl;dr this thing

1) how to good dps on 1-3 mobs trash

2) is it better to roll demo till 90 or is affl ok to level in instances with?

3) hi locks sorry about the bloodfear thing :(

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