Question about the Beasts of Fable Quest

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I'm trying to get the Beast of Fable Quest because I really want the Red Panda pet and I've read that people have already had the quest and it's by defeating Aki the Battle Pet Master and I've defeated her and all of the Pandaren Spirits and I have dailies for all of them, but I haven't received the Beasts of Fable Quest, does anyone know if it comes out with the new patch or do I have a glitch? Please help I really want a Red Panda....because I'm The Red Panda lol
Its not available until next patch...

here is the link:
thank you!
I am still unsure how I get the quest. What are the things I must do to make the quest available? Thanks so much!
The quest giver is at the shrine of your faction, right out front with a blue !.

With the dates on the thread you would have been okay to start a new one, but no worries and gl to you.
Thanks so much!!!

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