WTT or WTS 175K+ worth of pets!

Pet Battles
Hey guys i have a bunch of pets i want to trade or if someones on Blackrock Horde or Frostmourne Alliance i will consider gold offers.

What i have for trade:
Rocket Chicken
Purple Puffer
Sand Scarab
Guardian Cub x2
Aqua Strider
Stiched Cub
Set of the 4 spirits
Death Talon Whelpguard
Darkmoon Monkey
Phoenix Hatchling x2
Corefire Imp
Ashtone Core
Fungal Abomination
Vicious Globule
Fossilized Hatching
Voodooo Figurine
Clockwork Gnome
Pterredox Hatchling
Elementium Geode

Soul Trader Beacon
Spectral Tiger Cub
Tuskarr Kite
lol, not 175k worth... Soul is 175k an up by itsself, and Kite LOL i will bet u get NO hits my friend
Where did i say i wanted Kite + Soul trader beacon for all of that? I love illiterate overweight 30 year old men who live in their moms basement and have nothing else to do than troll. Rocket Chicken + Bananas alone are worth 110k combined so i would say for everything 175k is a fair estimation..
Hi, I am interested discussing trades for your tcg pets for other pets or maybe a tcg mount. My battletag is: alinnia#1390

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