8/16H FuryWarr/WW/Rdruid/Rogue LFG

Me and 3 buddies of mine are looking for a new guild before 5.2 hits. We have 8/16 Heroic experience with 10/16 in Heroic attempts in MoP and looking for a like or better progression guild that has high hopes for serious progression in ToT. We would like to see guilds that have been on PTR for testing of class and raid.

Our Availability: Sun-Thursday 7 to 9 start to 10-12 end. (Central) Prefer 3/week at 4 hours

We have:
498 Fury Warrior
496 WW Monk
495 DK Unholy for 5.2 or 489 Rogue
497 RDruid

We are all exceptional raiders and bring with us a rare combination of raid awareness and class skill that guilds are looking for. We have been in Raid Leading/Guild Leading/Recruitment Officer/Healing, Tanking, DPS Officer roles throughout our WoW career.

We are in search of a 25m horde guild in need of the classes presented. We are not the caliber players to sit or be second team. We would consider a 10m but with 3 melee and a healer it would be rough on a 10m that is so melee heavy.

Please leave your comments. I rather not see just a bunch of guild spam so actually reading my post and commenting will be greatly appreciated. We want to find a solid, dependable, and well lead progression focused guild. Thank you.

If you have specific question you can add me at Snugglz#1339
What's wrong with Illidan? I would advise you and your buddies just to save your money and not come here. There is one 25 and two 10 man capable guilds here, the majority progress very slowly...I mean very.....due to low of dps and/or healing. It wasn't always like this though, but sadly, it is now.

I've pugged enough times after leaving my guild 2 months back to see whats around this server, and I'll can tell you it's not good, especially the further you get into a new patch, people don't even bother to log in. So unless you guys can carry hard, I'm sure your better off where you are.

I thought Illidan was in much better shape or even KilJaeden I was planning on transferring out as soon as I get my new work schedule this week.

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