<Alpha> Looking for People Interested in PVP

We are a new pvp guild, trying to make a foothold in Cenarius. Yes I know Cenarius isn't looked upon for PVP, but I know there are some of you out there who are interested. If you are interested say so in a forum post and I'll try to contact you in game and send an invite.

-Getting ready for main RBG team in 5.2, if we get more members we will create more

-Many members enjoy doing arenas, and will help you get your cap. Also you can find a lot of skilled players looking for a serious arena team.

-May organize PVE groups if people are interested

We are hoping to create a new, fresh guild for PVP on the server with many kind members, willing to help out the guild.

Any Level is welcome!
I'm interested!
I'm interested in hunting you down :p
Dont hurt me! :(
Hey there... Coming from a Raiding guild and just started to get into PVP. Looking to do more in 5.2.

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