Best Class/Spec for Shutting Down Healers?

I've got a lot of alts from 75-85, was thinking about taking one to 90 to go along with my healer, and was wondering what the best class/spec was for taking out or harassing healers - including not just damage but CCs as well.

At one point I thought that that was a role for Unholy DKs, but I don't know if that's true anymore.

For myself, I can't really think of one particular class that gives me the most trouble, except maybe spriests and some warriors.

Looking for opinions!
Warrior is not all that great. Our CD's are to long to keep a healer down for any more then a few seconds. 2 warriors working in tandem if they could communicate would be brutal but I'd assume mage for Poly spam or Shammy for Hex.
A well played rogue (even with this season's nerfs) can shut down a healer. Right now I see a ton of hunters and warriors in BGs (last season it was rogues). They are being buffed in 5.2 so rogues will be back.
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Shutting down a healer? Good one.

"a wild bad dps appears"
Warriors are pretty damn annoying to healers, same for rogue. Most melee is hell for resto shaman, Warrior is the most annoying for Druid and Priest. Not really sure what's the best against a MW monk, they pretty much lol at most melee and mages. Spriests and locks probably give them the hardest time. Mages fry Hpallies.

Frost DKs are generally annoying because they're constantly doing so much damage and they need to be peeled and trained into submission, Unholy DKs pressure is probably the scariest vs heals in general just because of their necrotics, DoTs, and steady damage and control (and they're hard to peel). Best bets are UH, warrior, rogue. Spriest or lock if you don't want to be melee.

Oh, I don't fight many windwalker monks but they have a lot of control and can be really pesky, I also hate that I don't have their Spearhand strike on my interruptbar yet.
Rogues are a pain: Slows, silences, poisons I can't cleanse off me. The constant and repeated sapping is just super annoying. Why do you do this? Blech. I don't like Ferals much either. DK's are annoying and will be especially moreso when the Strangulate CD is lowered.
We use a rogue in RBGs. His sole purpose is shutting down a non-target healer. And let me just say, he does an excellent job at it.

Stealth so he can get to the healer, cripple poison for stickiness, plenty of stuns, interrupts, silences and when the first healer dies, he can smoke bomb to almost immediately allow for the 2nd healer to go down right after.

If you want a class that can literally SHUT DOWN a healer, it is a rogue. The damage is only mildly weak even while shutting down a heals completely. Rarely the rogue can actually solo down the heals, but that's not his goal, keeping the 2nd heals from healing while the first is trained is his goal.
Nothing like a 1300 rated idiot try to tell me about pvp :)

Anyways, from what I can deduce, people complain about burst because they want to gem full power. A little logic implies that some defense is needed if you don't want to die. If you really want to harass a healer, go rogue and all out dps. There's no guarantee you will kill them, but you will more likely than not harass. You won't live long, but if you have some sort of coordination/tactics you can get way with it.

You literally have 0 achieves from rated PvP minus the intro arena ones...

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