Holy Paladin looking for Heroic guild for 5.2

Holy Paladin 16/16 normal mode with Elite Protectors, looking for raiding guild for 5.2

Prior Raiding Experience: Classic: Everything but Naxx 40 cleared.
Burning Crusade: Everything but M'uru and KJ before 30% nerf.
Wrath: 11/12H before Ruby Sanctum. RS Heroic 25.
Cataclysm: Full clear
Pandaland: 16/16N w/ Elite Protectors. Experience on Elegon Heroic and Stone Guards Heroic.

What i'm looking for in a guild: Stability, longevity, make long lasting friendships, work in a progressive guild that has a goal of steady progression while still having fun.

My preferences:

-Guild must be 10 man. I believe 10 mans to be more closely knit, people get to know one another better, it promotes more cohesion. Please don't post on here if you're a 25 man guild.
-ALLIANCE. I want to be in an Alliance guild more than a horde guild. Horde will not be turned down, but Alliance guilds will have a much better chance of success at recruiting me.
-Days and times: 2-3 Day schedule is optimal. 4+ day guilds are too much for me with my school activities.
-PvE. PvE realms will be considered over PvP. I have 7 toons on Sargeras, one of the biggest pvp servers in the game, along with Tichondrius another big PvP server. I'd prefer PvE servers to reduce the amount of ganking.

Interview Preferences: I'd much rather talk with you in a Vent/Mumble or dare i say it....Teamspeak (LOL) setting. Helps me get to know you and i think it helps you get to know me better as well compared to a generic application form that most guilds use.

My Battletag if you're still reading this : Seraph#1370.

Thanks and hope to raid with you in the coming week. Toodles.

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