[A] Disavowed (25) now recruiting!


Disavowed is a level 25 guild looking for more people to bolster our core 10m raiding crew. The guild is filled with mature and friendly players and we are looking for similarly mature and friendly people.

Active population: There is always a minimum of 5 people on even during the dead of night. Expect a much higher number during peak play hours.

At this moment, we raid on M/W/Sat at 7-10 pm server. We currently have healers in high demand, however all classes are welcome.

PVP: We currently are not running guild RBGs however we are looking to expand our pvp group.

If any of this sounds appealing, join us! If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to any of our members or go to our website:
Forgot the most important thing ares... :)
Oh yes! New members get free cookies and strudels and pastries for a month. I can't believe I forgot to mention.

(wth did i forget to mention flixz?)
Guess again :P
Hookers but not blow.
Ok thats just bad mister! Don't make me take a Shield you ur toon!

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