Any Pvper on horde?

Looking for glad/ex-glad/almost glad players for 3s. Would like to snatch a quick glad if there's any good pvpers on horde.

I've been been glad every season I have played (missed 7 rating away from rank 1), so you can expect certain level of plays from me.
if you can find a decent third I won't let my sub run out

multiglad have warrior/priest
need a third wtb
I'm no glad or ex-glad but i think a least hit 2.1k with you guys. when ever i go for rating in these past seasons the season would either end or my partners would never be on. So if you guys can't find a 3rd i would more than happy to switch over and help out.

Btw i have a mage, hpally and a warrior. they all played at high mmr before.

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