All hail turkeylips

The true leader of sargaras horde, is coming for all of you.
Sargeras has horde?? BTW, why are you naked?
Aww Turkey you got your own forum post! Panda dailies are the new Tol Barad!
Turkeylips you be fly yo.
As a fellow Lock, You da Chit Bra. Keep up the fun as hell WPVP!! ill come with anytime!
Lol yes my guild is coming to wreck all the alliance
All hail Turkeylips
Too much turkey in this thread, not enough lips.
it's i hope we never part. now get it right or pay the price
All hail the mighty turkeylips
... is it bad that I don't know who turkeylips is? this must be rectified! ;)
02/26/2013 05:31 PMPosted by Turkeyburger

wrong turkey

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