DK Leveling

Death Knight


Dual Wield or 2hand?
Whatever the best weapons are that you can find.
Assume I find the BOA weapons.

Which are both 450..
Literally doesn't matter. 85-90, you have no reason to gem, reforge, or enchant except for you runeforge. I know you don't want to hear that it comes down to preference, but...

That said, I find it's easier to find a good 2 hander than 2 good 1 handers.

Blood, and aoe pull, wakka wakka.

Blood, and aoe pull, wakka wakka.

I just started leveling, and I must say that this seems to be the way to go. I pull 7-10 mobs and rarely do I get to 75% health. Takes me a little while to kill 10, but I'm never in danger and I've been getting quest drops at a high rate.

Blood, and aoe pull, wakka wakka.

frost + glyph of dark sukkor (or however it's spelled)

aoe pull, kill FASTER, still dont die.
Make sure to do the Arena of Annihilation scenario right when you hit 90 for..

Quick & easy 450 ilvl weapon . You have the choice of a 2H sword or a 1H mace.

edit: I used both a 2H Frost spec & Blood spec for lvling from 85 to 90.
2h upgraded spear of xuen
its 471, it has agility, but its still amazing

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