Needing help with my 2h Frost DK

Death Knight
Hi guys, I've been playing the DK lately and been 2h Frost, and while I enjoy it i feel like my DPS is lower than it should be (ranges around 50 - 70k depending on fight in 25m N). Was hoping for any tips on how I can improve, I will note that I recently used to LFR Tier Hand piece and replaced a 489 I was using assuming it was a DPS increase, thanks in advanced!
Nowadays im only palying as DW frost on pvp, even so, i will try to help you, Minorî.

As a 2h frost i think u should focus on:


*Put Plague Leech (T1) and Runic Empowerment (T5)


*Haste as your secondary, exactly how you are doing.


*Army of the dead just before pull (use glyph);
*Pillar, trinkets and Raise Dead every cooldown;
*Empower Rune Weapon = Free runes!! Use it every cooldown;
*Diseases all time, if AoE, dont be shy to use pestilence with an death rune and Death and Decay;
*Plague leech is nice to use before an outbreak to get an extra death rune and replace diseases fast;
*Spend Killing machine with Obliterate;
*Frost Strike is not only to spend your runic power, it gives u some runes (45% chance), so try not to use it when i dont have at least one fully-depleted rune;
*If you have Rime and Killing machine up together, Use Howling Blast to spend rime proc before an obliterate;
*Soul Reaper always when the target is <=35%.


It is not part of your Dps, but sometimes helps the group a lot. Just to keep in mind.

* Use Gorefiend's Grasp on your tank, if needed.
* Use Raise Ally. Some people prefer to keep doing DPS than ress an ally. I know, it happens more in LFR, but it is good to say.

Now, lets hope an experienced Frost 2h in PvE appears here and give us some new tips, or correct mines.
Do not go plague leach like the above poster said. It's better >90. At 90 it's crap.

However, DO go with Runic Empowerment.
Plague Leach looks nice on paper and in a tunnel but fights are rarely tunnel and even though HB is in your rotation plague leach practically forces you to plague strike more. As 2 handed I could see being Blood Tap though to be able to fit in more obliterates. As DW Blood Tap or Runic Empowerment works. Though RE can mean more Runes over time it's a proc while Tap is not. Tap has more value for 2 handed though I think just because fitting in obliterates is so important for their performance.

The main issue you will find though is at least at current and likely true at 5.2 DW Frost will be ahead of 2 handed. This has more to do with performance scaling. The devs are doing bandaids for 2 handed but over time as you get higher gear and the ever escalating stats and ratings on them Dual Wield's master frost just keeps increasing. 2 handed practically has to have a higher weapon than DW to really be ahead. If they are in like minded gear it's just the shear benefit of Strength & Mastery with haste as a secondary just helps the largest majority of DW Frost's damage.

That is not to say you shouldn't be 2 handed. You can compete but over time a DW Frost may beat you. DW Frost will definitely have an advantage on aoe splash damage fights though and sadly that is a ton of them. It kind makes DW Frost more versatile while 2 handed is also strong on splash compared to some other classes it comes at a price to their through put compared to DW.
Well I would love to try DW, getting 2 1h's of the same ilvl isnt necessarily easy tho ... ;/
I'm having the same problem Minorî. Can't seem to get another 1h weapon for the life of me. So, I just stayed 2H Frost. Once 5.2 hits though I will be going back to DW Master Frost like I was in Cata. Granted I may try Unholy come 5.2 though.. Not 100% sure

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