Disc healing status?

This isn't one of the 5.2 "are disc healers dead" threads, I promise... mostly. I'm returning to WoW after a few month hiatus, during which I played some other MMOs and got really into the play-style/builds/ect of those other games. During WoW I've healed as a pally in both PvE and PvP, and healed mostly PvP as a monk.

Now that I'm returning, I'm looking to get back into healing though for a mixture of reasons (including RP, pally bores me, monk just lost it's flair...) I'm wanting to try out priest, and I'll most likely lean towards Disc since it's the most similar to the healing I played in the other games, which I really enjoyed.

My question for you guys is- what's the status of Disc healing across the board? I'm more than aware that what happens per a patch changes with the next along various updates, but it does look like Disc's been beaten and dragged into the mud a little. I don't 100% understand all of the class and it's mechanics (any website guides you can suggest?), so I'm not claiming it may/may not be ruined PvP in 5.2... But from you guys, they guys who know, how is it standing now, and do you see 5.2's changes dramatically altering that? Also raiding. It's been ages since I've healed a raid. Any major thoughts on PvE?

I also greatly welcome any advice on survivability in PvP, guides... you know. The juicy stuff. Thanks in advance!
Still broken. The patch makes crit heals less effective with separating the spike heal form the Divine Aegis absorb. We received a few supplemental glyphs at remove 2 sec off soul burn, big let down, since every other glyph in the game changes a mechanic of a class. Our Halo will no longer take rogues out of stealth, because the 45 second cooldown wasn't long enough for them to sneak up and stun us to eternity. 0 class bugs were fixed, to include spectral guise still breaking on dots, pets, and aoe's, chakrahs still have a cool down, imp fade now lasts 5 sec free movement, and now no longer protects us from ranged... just a ton of nerfs. I would suggest look forward to Elder Scrolls Online like the rest of my priest friends, or Baldur's Gate Online. Shows blizzard is lacking creativity and innovation. Silences and stuns in the game run rampant, and is so heavy leaning towards DPS / Melee that it's virtually pointless to run build that does not include max resil stacking, and glyphing / talents all to survivability, just to last a frew seconds.

I ran a meter today, and time in combat (tapped), that i was able to cast and not silenced was less than 23%. What does that say about the game? Tons of info on the forums telling the devs to fix things, make the RIGHT changes, and stop forcing priests into shadow.
02/27/2013 03:11 PMPosted by Bíon
I would suggest look forward to Elder Scrolls Online like the rest of my priest friends, or Baldur's Gate Online.

A reasonable perspective on the issue, obviously.
Bion's suggestions.

Thanks for the simplified description of the slightly more negative changes coming in 5.2.

Any opinions from the other side of the priest community, who don't fully agree it's "go find another game we're broken"? I mean, heck, if you do agree, post as well. The more opinions the better conclusion... usually.
PVP looks pretty bad. PVE looks fine.
Anyone who thinks Disc is O.K in PvP? Maybe not fantastic but not as bad as the "doom-sayers" claim?
Disc is "ok". They're not like, the worst PVP healer in history. That being said, people don't look for mediocrity in their 3s comps.
If you're going to run a disc priest in pvp, you'd have to build a comp around the healer to make it work, since disc overall is a bit on the weaker side pvp wise. That being said, you aren't going to go into an arena and go "Wow my class is just inferior and un-playable". Disc can still hold its own in pvp it just takes a bit more skill and mana management than other classes. On the PVE side disc healers are doing fine, and honestly still look fine after 5.2. More than likely if you roll disc, you won't feel disappointed and gimped in 5.2 as some people like to cry out.
From a PVE perspective, in 5.2...

Strong Spells:

PoM (with the 2pc T15)
Power Infusion
Binding Heal

Compare that to how things are on Live...
02/28/2013 02:09 PMPosted by Darthsiddeus
Compare that to how things are on Live...

Strong spells on live:
Prayer of Healing.
Prayer of Healing.
Prayer of Healing.
PoH. PoH. PoH. PoH. PoH. PoH.

Sorry. I think it'll be more enjoyable to play Disc in 5.2.
I don't think it's going to be as bad as it sounds, tbh. The only significant change for PvP is Phantasm, but you still get 5 seconds of snare immunity and now you might actually use Body and Soul (say if you have a shaman to remove snares). Overall it makes that tier of talents more flexible.

We do lose "burst heals" in PvP, sort of. If you weren't stacking crit this isn't a big deal. Disc losing DA on PoH but that doesn't affect PvP at all. What Disc is getting, though, are rather large, undispellable DA and undispellable SS. I think that's pretty strong in a PvP environment. As far as utility and mobility, it's pretty much the same. The one thing that give priests a real edge over other healers is Void Shift, which is remaining unchanged.

For PvE the changes aren't a big deal considering you will have other healers to "fill in your bubbles" so to speak. Overall throughput is looking at about a 15% nerf, iirc, but that just brings us down from being superseiyanbankaisagemode of healers.
I guess the people that post here either have not played the PTR or just don't know how to play a healer. I have all healers (except monk) to 90 and have played PVP healers since I began in BC. I can tell you that Priest may not be as good as they were in WOTLK, but disc is certainly in a GREAT spot for PVP in 5.2. With the exception of monk since I don't play one, I would say disc is probably number 2.

On PTR Sham>Priest>pally>druid and insert monk wherever. Pally is actually looking like a letdown in 5.2 compared to their OP nature in the past.

Battle Fatigue seems to be live on the PTR and it does NOT count on absorbs which is a huge part of disc healing. Between battle fatigue/MS ect, raw heals just don't seem like enough vs the burst that there is right now.
Disc Priest is GUTTED in PvP. Terribad !

Can´t compete with Holy Paladins or Shammies.

And now with Holy gaining the focused will buff there is no point on playing Disc. Holy Priests now do much more than a Disc priest, much more AOE healing and single target healing and now has the same survivability, maybe even more, than a Disc has.
Edit: Mahadev appears to be correct.

Need to test what the other person said about it not applying to absorbs, as it applies on live.

Edit2: Applies to absorbs still.
Battle fatigue is not active on the current ptr build.

Edit: Tested in bgs; should test in arenas too I guess.

It is active now in the last build.
I'm actually pretty happy with disc PVP on the ptr then.

Pretty much impossible to die to one player (but haven't encountered a good DK yet, which should be the hardest to survive), and takes a really long time to go OOM.
Idk I've been tanking a full tyrannical warrior in a duel for like 15 min straight without going OOM.

I can't kill him though; second wind too strong :(
I'm actually pretty happy with disc PVP on the ptr then.

Pretty much impossible to die to one player (but haven't encountered a good DK yet, which should be the hardest to survive), and takes a really long time to go OOM.

Lie. Stop lying omg. Are you real?

You were not even playing PTR cuz didn´t even know about BF before. Stop lying.


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