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Hello everyone, on one of my characters on a RP realm, my guild has begun to die. It used to be very active and had multiple events a week, now it's been nearly a month without one. It has lost 10 members of the 30 we used to have and I want to find a away to bring it back up and I would just feel horrible to leave and watch it die. It is alliance if that is needed info, but please offer me any solutions that might work, thanks.
First of all, don't take it personal. The game is old and people move on. On the other hand there are lots of people just starting to rp. You did not mention what realm you are on or what the guild is. Most rpers have congregated on Moonguard and Wyrmrest, with a few going to less populated servers like Cenarion Circle where the community is smaller but more tight knit.

Still more are looking for the smaller communities without CRZ. I prefer the smaller friendly communities myself. But I cannot afford to pay for transfers.

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