Importance of 4P set bonus to prot pallys?

OK So I have a 4/5 LFR T14 set and I have been getting more and more items from normal raids that have a higher Ilvl and more of the stats I want, as I am a "haste / control" build the set really does not have the stats I want. My question is, how big of a loss is ditching my LFR set items for the 496 normal items that have the stats I want? This would normally seem like an easy question to answer "go for the higher stats" but the set bonus of getting 10% more damage reduction off shield of righteous seems like it fully fits the haste build as I can keep like a 50/60% uptime on the shield. Thoughts?

One more thing to keep in mind this will also effect what is on the top of my list to upgrade with valor points. As some of the new items I've gotten (mainly mastery / haste stuff) also fit well into my ret set. So by using the new items I can combine parts of my two sets, and thus making them MUCH more valuable to upgrade.
Honestly, I find that it's a personal preference. If you feel like you can easily mitigate the damage that the four-set bonus would have deflected, then by all means, wear the 496 gear. I would, however, recommend wearing the 2-set mainly because it helps with a major damage reduction CD.

There are some fights that I wear the whole set, just because I need that extra damage reduction. For example: Blade Lord in HOF. There are other fights where I'll throw on ret gloves and a ret chest if I need more DPS (like Garalon).

Personal preference all the way, I say.

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