Another wintrader in the bin.

priest and other dk died. 2v1'd him and the rogue. ez
ez farm... ez
wow you talking to yourself a lot in this thread
and you are aloud to wintrade if you drive the best car!!!
m8 i drive best car world
didn't you get piloted for your t2
Farming that 1700 bracket~~~~
ez farm... ez

This is General Consensus giving the general consensus on Vaelxo:
Saying 'ez' alot does not make this game any 'ez'ier for you, then again - the sounds of rushing winds and roaring turbines suggest otherwise.
Confirmed for a pilotted dumbo~
Why do you even care if people win trade?

Another challenger with T2 trying to brag about 1700 3s games.
The camping police have no jurisdiction here.

Continue, trading police.

But Taina, while i'm here, stop camping town please.
Cheesecake is now a honorary member of da no dice legit police~
legit police

What does your department do for the good of the server?

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