Next season/tier priest sets

What do you guys think? Can't say I like the way they look and I am very grateful for transmog.

I think of a bishop when I see the season set. That could just be me though.
They did a terrible job designing priest tier this expansion. They need to move on from the pope theme. Season 12 gear isn't too bad, one of the better ones. But Season 13 (wtf) and tier 15 are just sad. The mage season 13 gear is more what a priest should look like. They can throw the current priest model in the garbage where it belongs and come up with something more magey.

They need to redesign how hoods look on most races before putting a regular hood on a tier set, even if it does have a fancy candle wrack on it.
We have gone from serving at the altar to being the altars, as far as tier goes. The helm is silly, the shoulders are slightly less silly, and the rest of the set is unfortunately bland.

I'm tired of the pope/cardinal thing. Yeah, we're priests, but that doesn't mean we need to look like a Catholic bishop.
I haven't liked an entire tier in quite a while since I've been playing. T10 was nice if you got the heroic version, the T11 robe was ok but the helm and shoulders were awful. Turban and shoulder pools? Ugh.

T12 had nice shoulders but the rest of it was boring 13 yuck 14 yuck. The last recent thing I remember liking was the 'dungeon blues' priest robes when Cata first came out. The white/lavendar/maroon set.
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We have gone from serving at the altar to being the altars,

exactly lol. i can't imagine the big bells and the candles are practical/comfortable to wear....

i think the pvp set looks NEAT, but i wouldn't wear it.
02/28/2013 03:17 PMPosted by Kòtowari
The mage season 13 gear is more what a priest should look like.
When I first saw the S13 sets on Wowhead, I assumed the mage one WAS the priest set. But no, we get dunce-caps with wings.
When I first saw the season 13 PvP priest set first thing came to my mind was the pope just like you guys. I don't think it's that bad but the helm just did it in for me.

Now the PvE gear is absolutely terrible. It's so bland with no real flare to it. Almost every other classes gear has some sort of flare to it. Especially the PvE paladin gear... like that is how every classes gear should look haha.

To me priest's gear should be very light and should be glowing with holy power instead of being absolutely plain. Just shows blizzards lack of creativity when it came to designing season 13 priest gear.
If we're talking about the priest tier with all the bells and candles, then I seriously cannot figure out why anyone could possibly dislike that set.

Think about all the ringing you'll get to do!
Whenever I look at it, I'm reminded of the LL Cool J song...

....Jinglin Baby....

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