Rogue LF raiding guild!

Hi, I am currently in need of a raiding guild. I am able to raid every day except THURSDAY. I have a in depth knowledge and know how to play each spec to its full potential.

My previous experience consists of;

Started mid bc didn't play to seriously.

wotlk- Casual through until ICC clearing it on 25hm before major nerfs

teir11- 10/13hm
teir12 - 6/7hm pre nerf
teir13 - 6/8hm before any nerfs, 8/8after first set

Mop-raided first two weeks and got us top 150 heroic stone guard. I had a car crash and broke both my legs so that had stopped me being able to get out of bed until the past couple weeks.

I am willing to;
Server and/or faction change for the right guild.
Have 100% raid attendance
Raid extra hours throughout progression
Complete an application for your guild
Come on skype, vent, etc
Pretty much whatever.

Not exactly the best at explaining this stuff so pleease get in contact in game if youre actually interested.
If you wish to get in contact please do so by real id at:
greetings fren. i red ur resume' and i gots to say that im impressed, are you horde or allianze?
U r ver Gud troal yes u got me
I got 10man grp that could use you, will contact ingame

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