[A] Bohica 10man +8 GMT

Bohica is 10man guild dating back to WoTLK

Comprising of long time friends, it has raided solidly until real life had stopped too many core from raiding. Over the last 6 weeks we have been putting together a team, made up of old core that have come back for hm progression in 5.2

Prior to MoP, Bohica has cleared all hardmode content from Ulduar through to Dragon Soul while still current.

If you are looking for a guild that pushes hardmode content, with a friendly drama free environment, that raids at GMT +8 friendly times, then add my battletag for a chat.

Our raid schedule is,

Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon 11pm-2am Frostmourne svt



Hey, Draken!

I'm interested in a position for this raiding guild. As far as them battle-tags go, I don't have one as i'm still on e-mail and cannot add people by battle-tag, only by e-mail. If you don't mind can you drop your e-mail address in so I can add you and have a further chat about this, I would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, yours sincerely :)

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