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Shattered Hand
Leaving the old and starting the NEW guild. We come from a very strong PvP and PvE guild as guild leads to creat our own high end PvP/PvE guild. We are extremely experienced in Arena's and Rbg's as well as all the PvE content. Looking for recruits who are experienced and dedicated to arise a Great Raid and RBG guild. We are looking for players 90+ with experience or are willing to learn quick and not make mistakes for our RBG team and our core 25m Raid team. We are going to be the best, and are only wanting the best, winning RBG's and downing all PvE content. We dont have a full guild group yet but have downed first boss of ToT so far first run. If you are interested please wisp me in game, send me mail if im not on, or post this forum and we can talk some more. Thanks! keep in mind we are AGGRESSIVE and PROGRESSIVE!

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