Prot Pally needs more DPS

So, lately I've been thinking about soloing Black Temple to try and get the shoulder drops from them. I did it with a friend and it went easy but I tried soloing it yesterday and, couldn't get past the first boss. Not cause I died or anything but because I couldn't get close to the damage needed before the health shield pops up after 60 seconds.

I then asked for help on trade chat, I knew what to expect but the majority or responses and other places I checked is I should be able to get the 2221K or how ever much his health is all the way down in the 60 seconds in prot spec. So my main question is this, how do I achieve this, what am I doing whrong and what do I need to fix to start getting these soughts of numbers?

Thankyou for any help.
You might just be too undergeared. You can't ask for more damage being in fresh level cap gear. I would suggest getting Holy Avenger, it's more of a bursty talent than DP, it would help if your issue is having to cause enough damage in a time window.
thanks for that, I might try that. Thats probably the case to, I know I'm just hitting some of the basic valor gear etc so I'm ungeared a fair bit. Also sorry if the title is misleading I just thought I was doing stuff massively wrong to not be pulling the 2000K damage in a min like everyone said. Sounds like I just need to gear more.
Capping your hit and exp should help out too.

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