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Is a shaman or rogue better in changing the tide of battle, making a huge difference..example would be a shaman purging priests shields or a rogue taking out a low health healer with the opener.
In other words..who would you rather have in a fight beside you.
Sounds like for PVP? Depends on your partner and how you play both classes.

In the end, all classes are equally good in different situations. I'd want the player that is more adaptable to various situations with me. I'd take someone who knows how to play their class in PVP even if it is a mis-match vs. a good mis-match in our favor but a weeker PVP player because the mis-matches on paper are easily countered by good players.

I'm horrid at PVP so even if I should win, I will often lose because I suck at pvp.
I'd say shaman in the end. I can heal, buff and take on 2-4 guys at a time with Chain Lightning etc.... and do damage so the pally, rogue or warrior can finish them off.

To me, Shaman is better than rogue for a big change in a battle.
It's completely dependent on team composition. Both can do extremely well on certain teams.

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