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My wife and I recently came back to wow and she is playing a hunter. I'm trying to decide whether it would be best to pair her with a shaman or a mage and what spec for either of those. If you think shaman, please tell me what spec and if you think mage, please tell me what spec. I'm really interested to here the why of your opinion, so please give me details! Thanks!
Well for questing any class would work. For dungeoning for sake of convenience I'd pick a class or spec that doesn't share gear (so no enhance shammy and at low levels rogues and feral and guardian druids) Or for quick queueing a character that can tank or heal.
Since the pet can act as tank, a shaman can offer heals, and you can either use Enhancement to attack alongside the pet, or Elemental to attack alongside the hunter, whichever you prefer. With a mage, you'll always be ranged like the hunter, but you can provide some CC and portals; IMO spec choice would be purely personal preference.
As alluded to, any pairing will work, and each will have certain advantages (and disadvantages) relative to others.

If you plan to do a lot of PVP, then I can't (and won't try) to make useful suggestions other than that if that is the case, you will want to make sure people are aware of it since what works well in PVE is often less practical in PVP.

I play a lot with my 8 year old (who plays a hunter more than anything else) and I've found that a Feral Druid pairs really well, despite the "competition" over gear - so much so that it's my preferred match to her hunters (all 35 or so of them at varying levels up to just under 30).

Even as Feral I get a powerful enough healing toolkit to cover for her mistakes most of the time, I get enough ranged spellcasting to do what I need most of the time with when I need to do something ranged, and of course, I can almost always pull whatever I need to off of her if things have gone South and the pet isn't tanking what's killing her - if not quickly enough in Cat form, then by switching to Bear.

A Druid also gives you the opportunity to spec Guardian or Resto, which will greatly reduce dungeon queue times should you desire to level that way.

The only disadvantage (excluding personal class-specific likes and dislikes - which to my mind would be the most important consideration anyway!) is that you do compete for armor (if you are Guardian or Feral) - but there is just so much gear available these days that it's simply not that much of a disadvantage, especially if either of you have access to heirlooms.


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