Wait...isnt ret gimped?

Class balance is so bad that two paladins against each other aren't balanced.

Eh it may have been funnier in my head.

"Paladins are so underpowered, they get steamrolled by other paladins."

I can't remember where I heard that. It may have been in a dream for all I know.
Yeah it's not important that a guy that probably had a healer on him and was out-gearing a bunch of people did amazing in a random BG.

That being said, even in RBGs as ret (I know right?) I can top or nearly top damage every time. Although my damage is high, it's not actually putting that much pressure on anybody. I can sit on a good and geared healer all day, top damage, and we'll both be alive at the end of the BG. so what?



... Well then. o.O

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