[H] Horde Elite is making a fresh 10man

The horde elite is forming a fresh 10 man raiding team. We are starting with non-heroic MSV. The raid nights are currently scheduled for Tuesdays and Wednesdays form 7:30pm CST to 10pm CST. We may add one more night or move the nights around as needed.

We are looking for professional adults that want to raid and progress through MoP but at a more relaxed place. We also run on the weekends older raid content to get transmogs and mounts and other achievements.

We need all classes and roles.

About Us:
The horde elite has been around since Vanilla by a core of friends that wanted to play together. As change always happens, people move on and the guild leadership fell to me. The guild sat dusty and unused for many months prior to the launch of MoP. Since the launch of MoP, the guild has reached level 25, gained new members and is finding its footing and direction.

We launched a new website recently - www.hordeelite.org. We also have a vent server for raiding.

Feel free to contact me, Yukdied, Timmings or Fancybeer in game or via email at hordeelite@glwarner.com.

Guild Leader
Yea for another Horde guild!
Hey there, ive been looking for a laid back guild to raid with on my 485/486 fdk and was wondering if i could join in
Valafaria, I play most evenings from 7pm central to 10pm. Feel free to look me up in game and we can chat.
Horde Elite is doing a 10m MSV normal. Please feel free to contact me or Fancybeer in game for an invite. This is a learning/progression event. Everyone appropriately geared is welcome. Would prefer that you have done at least LFR. If we get enough I will turn this into a 25 man run. This is also up on OpenRaid for sign ups.

Date: Wednesday May 1st
Time: 8pm EST (5pm Server time)
Need: all classes

would be interested in healing on this guy, cept raid times dont line up for me... if you happen to change raid times outside of wednesday (and sunday) then let me know :)

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