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Been seeing complaints about a lot of wasted time between tamers. This is really just anecdotal, but I figured I'd post my routine in hopes of maybe giving some ideas of what one could do between daily tamers. All in all though, I don't think I'd be opposed at all if there were a more convenient way to do the tamer dailies. But this seems to work out pretty stress free for me.

If the tamer doesn't have a bag, I generally skip them, unless I happen to be passing them for some reason (even the Deepholm one, and he's quite easily the quickest tamer to get to).

For my paths, I start with a mage that has the Orc village in SMV set to his hearth (since mages kind of don't really need a hearthstone). Pop his hearth to SMV, do Antari, port to Stonard, hop over to Deadwind Pass. Logout. Next day, just reverse the process, Deadwind to SMV.

I've got an engineer with the wormhole: NR and Everlook devices. He covers Payne and Trixxy for me.

Got another toon Parked in Jade Forest, who I use to feed ghost iron to my alchemist, so I just use the space between the Hyuna and the Whispering Spirit to farm ore, and knock those two out.

After that, which is ~hour at most, if I'm messing around (20 minutes popping globs in SoS for bags, and extended ore farming). It's maybe all of twenty minutes though if I'm just banging out the tamers.

After all of that, I hop on my warlock here, my main, who has just about every gadget you can have to teleport around places (but don't need them because now it's just a few tamers on pandaria left). Start at Shrine, pop up and knock out Thundering, then south to Aki, over the Alli temple to nab Nishi, while in VotFW, harvest/plant farm, make my imperial silk for the day, then swing down into Krasarang to knock out Mo'ruk.

I keep Commendations on me, so instead of flying the long way over to the Water Spirit, I go over to the Eastern Horde camp, if someone has a portal up, great, if not, it's only 5 badges. Portal to Domination Point. If it's the 'quick' dailies, knock those out, then head over to the water spirit. From the water spirit, fly up to see if Nalash is up, if so, kill him, /crossfingers for a hollow reed, then move on to Karr. /crossfingers for a Grinder, and sweep over to knock down Shu.

Shu to Zusshi is probably the only flight that really bugs me, the only upside being that there are like six rares that can spawn between them, and a whole lot of easy lvl 25 battle pets. I usually use this leg of the trip to top off any pets I have sitting at level 24 (which anything over 800ish xp into 23 is wasted against Pandaria Tamers).

If I feel like doing Shado-Pan dailies, great, I knock those out, then on to Zusshi. from Zusshi, it's not quite a straight line, but close enough between him the Fire Spirit, and Yon, not to mention another few rares that a lot of people on my server just skip.

In all, I admittedly spend a pretty substantial chunk of time, but I incorporate a few things into the routine. One of the biggest things I see is; 'Well, I'm JUST doing my pet battle dailies, so it's a huge waste of time traveling."

Which it is a waste if you have nothing to do in between, and I admit that my method isn't the right one for everyone, but I think it's important not to pigeonhole yourself into thinking you can only do the one thing at a time while knocking out the dailies.

I just hope this helps someone, and maybe some other can post what they do to 'fill the space' between the daily tamers. I pretty much play Horde exclusively now, so some viewpoints from the Alliance side of things could help.
Wow, and that ended up a lot longer than it looked typing it out. Apologies for the eye rending wall of text.

Also forgot to add that sometimes between Nishi and Mo'ruk, I put up my Ancient Fishing Lure, and hop the fishing schools down the Dojani river, usually ending up with a good bit of fish (ironpaw tokens, or stat food, either way), and more oft than not, a flying tiger (which I can turn in while I'm near Mo'ruk)
Make use of your lower level rarely played alts. I have an alt parked at each of the EK and Kal dailies. I'm currently leveling a low level priest on the 3 low level alliance pet dailies that give exp (westfall, goldshire, redridge), it also levels 3 level one pets to level 5. Other alts parked at Icecrown and Shadowmoon valley. This saves a lot of travel time.
i like to keep all my stone in one place , so i dont have to look for them
I have my Monk fly around Pandaria, and my Mage ports to all the others.

Except Argent Tourney, which my Pally has a Hearth to.
Teleport Moonglade, fly to Winterspring.

Cloak to SW, fly to Kara then Shadowmoon.

Tabard to the Argent Tourney.

Second cloak back to SW, port to Uldum.

Hearth to Valley and fly around Pandari.

Third Cloak back to SW.

Yay guild cloaks! :D
Like Satsao mentioned (Hi Satsao!!!! ^_^) I like to keep all of my stones in one place. Especially if I intend to use them for trade rather than for my own pets, having them spread around on alts isn't really the most convenient. Here's my travel path, and I do this all on my druid.

My Hearth is set for Halfhill. When I first log in, I handle my farm and the token daily. Then I use Teleport: Moonglade and fly to winterspring for Trixxy. (For non-druids, horde could probably use the flight path, engineers could use their wormhole, and alliance could also probably just use a flight path)

After completing Trixxy, I equip my Tol Barad tabard, teleport to Tol Barad and then take the portal to Orgrimmar. I like using the tabard here because it deposits me right next to the Uldum portal, which is my next destination. A potion of deepholm (then take the portal to orgrimmar/stormwind) also does the trick if you do not have the tabard.

Take the Uldum portal and battle Obalis. After that I equip my guild cloak for another quick teleport back to orgrimmar (if you don't have the guild cloak, potion of deepholm could do double duty here). I do like the cloak better though because it deposits me right next to the blasted lands portal.

Take the blasted lands portal and fight the tamer in Deadwind Pass. From there, I use my Medallion of Karabor for a quick teleport to Black Temple to fight Antari. The Medallion is the final reward for the Black Temple attunement, and while it's convenient, t's not necessary. For those who don't have one and have no inclination to get one, simply fly fro mthe deadwind pass throguh the dark portal and fly straight to shadowmoon valley.

After fighting antari, I equip my argent tourny tabard for a quick teleport to fight major payne. After fighting major payne I then hearth back to halfhill to complete the pandaria tamers. I make an almost circle through pandaria, starting with Nishi>Aki>Thundering>Courageous Yon>Fire Spirit>Zusshi>Wastewalker Shu>Water Spirit>Mo'ruk>Hyuna>Air Spirit.

Grand total, without any distractions, this circuit takes me about an hour and 10 minutes ish, give or take five minutes for RNG. I use the addon PetBattleTeams to organize the teams for each tamer, and since I choose not to powerlevel any pets except on Nishi, I can get through the battles pretty quickly.

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