Tank Looking for Semi-Casual Raiding Guild

Hello Blackrock!

I just came back from a month long hiatus from WoW and I'm looking for a semi-casual raiding guild to raid with two, possibly three nights a week.

I'm a Brewmaster tank, moderately geared (had to play purely casually for most of this tier due to my work schedule) though I do have prior experience tanking in harder content (in Cataclysm, I got to 6/7 H Firelands before work took me away back then). I make it a point to have my own supplies, to be on time and to provide advanced notice if RL events are going to get in the way. I've been a guild leader twice before myself and led my own raids in this or other games. I'm by no means an expert on every detail of every class but I do enjoy taking time with others, same class or not, to talk about how to optimize performance. In this way, I consider myself a team player because I think that anyone with a good attitude toward raiding, whether successful or not, can learn and improve with the right support. I also get to learn about other classes and get a better picture of how to help the group.

I'm not really looking for a heroic level group at this time but I would like to challenge myself more than LFR in a relaxed, coordinated normal group now that I have a bit more of a relaxed RL schedule.

If you need a tank for your guild, post some info here and I'll check it out!
Hi atana,
<Casually Hardcore> 16/16N 4/16heroic has an opening for a tank in our 10man group. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30-midnight. If this sounds like something that would work for you, please check out our guild charter and talk to me in game tonight after 8:30.
Check out http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7979939021#1 We need a tank for one of our groups!

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