Updated recruitment needs - need some leather up in here!
Casual players and raiders that can't commit to a schedule/still need to gear a bit more, are welcome to join. There's almost always something going on or in the works!
If any of our open Core slots are of interest to you AND you can commit to our raid times consistently, hit me up @ Invictis#1189 or visit our site at http: //
Recruitment needs updated. Still looking for consistent, experienced raiders.
Our Mages serve complimentary warm buns daily! Take that how you will...
Our recruitment needs have been updated. Any of the listed classes with a relatively equally geared healing OS will take priority in our decision-making. where are all those priests and paladins that were looking for raid teams last week.
Updated the classes/specs we are interested in at the moment.
This is simply a shameless b u m p. Thank you for your time.

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