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[DELETED -- Old SoO thread]
Rhad, your posts are always so classy ;] <3 for a bunch of pretty amazing players.
There needs to be a "the classy" achievement title.

I'd go for it.
Still looking for solid players.
The quest continues.
Looking to add more with the incoming 5.2 patch.

Need top performers ASAP.
Hello Badamanthos =]
Hello person whom I've never met.

Also, looking for players for current content.
I'd like to apply as a Shadow Priest.
I'd like to apply as a Shadow Priest.

Dear Huxt,

Unfortunately at this time we're selectively not willing to accept your application as a shadow priest to our organization. This decision was reached through biased review which mostly entailed preconceived notions that you're in fact a liar, a cheat, and not willing to "put out," which falls under false advertisement from an unofficial listing of your name, number, and "services" found at a local high school boys bathroom stall in the tri-county area.

Because we are a forward-thinking and understanding organization, we invite you to apply again at a later point when your listed credentials are in fact cleared and notarized.

Please do not hesitate to reach us out at your earliest convenience via tells, in-game mail, or at local mixers where we discuss the benefits of joining RKT. We provide countless hours of entertainment by inebriated inappropriate discussions of childhood follies, and personal short-comings.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

- Rhadamanthos
If failure to comply extermination will be imminent.
Also, we need a Dwarf Mage and Dwarf DK for Classy Dwarves. much money to be had. All ya gotta do is get to revered with the guild and be 85
Dear Rhadamanthos,

Consider this a cease and desist notification. You're slanderous ways will not be tolerated. Accusations are just that good Sir. There was no criminal complaint or indictment. And until proven guilty in a court of law by my peers this is slander and pure folly.

Law Firm of Huxt
I hate gnomes.
I hate gnomes.

Still looking for talented individuals.
Updated current needs.

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