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Website Bug Report
I can't switch characters on the website to view auctions or post in forums. And my main toons that I generally post on are found way at the bottom of the character menu. This is very irritating, saturday while I am at work doing invoicing and what not on the computer I usually organize my auctions and hunt for deals throughout the day. Without being able to send mail via remote application, and not being able to switch characters on the website there is no way to organize my auctions on my main toon, or mail gold to an alt to hunt for auctions. Fix quickly please.
As of this morning I still can't switch to my main on the website. I have tried everything on my side to try and fix it. Logged out and back in, tried 3 different browsers....nothing works. Sad part is it works on mobile armory, but you can only have 50 transactions a day from armory and you cannot post on the forums.

Please a blue post.
I can finally switch to this toon and all others on my account except for the one I need to switch to, my main, "DLM"
The problem now has moved over to the mobile app as well.
Seems to be fixed...yay !!

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