!!! Best professions for Holy PvP (human)???!

Well been busy lvling this guy and still have yet to pick up any professions. For the main purpose of PvP which professions would benefit a holy pally most?

Thanks in advance
BS is king.
Gives the most flexibility with stats.

I personally like enchanting for secondary profession..
Gives a good solid primary stat increase and doesn't interfere with any slots/sockets.
Plus it's handy to enchant your own gear (big money saver) and to get mats, all you need to do is disenchant your old gear when you buy/replace with better gear.
So BS for sure. Any opinions on my 2nd pro?
Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting
How about eng? Can any of their gadgets be used in arena/RBGs? If they are even useful.
Go enchant and BS for pvp maybe JC if you want but I like enchat and bs

max bs = 640+ pvp power and enchanting rings with +160 str each is also sexy

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