Protection Paladin - Herald of the Titans

Hey guys,

I haven't played the game in a while so forgive my ignorance, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some help with itemizing my gear for a Herald run? I'm just about finished getting the required gear and I have no idea which enchants would be best, let alone what stats I should be shooting for. Thanks for any help provided!
I had just successfully ran it another time, get 4 piece surrounding tier 7.5 shoulders(tier 8 shoulders are missing a stat), shiver, boreal guard, both the stam trinkets are great with the on use effects for tanking. EDIT: not the mention the crafted tank items are sel explanitory, and mandatory, you want the neck from 25m maly quest. bracers from nax with the socket, ring from the 5man toc one with the socket, ring and cloak from auriya 25m. Make sure to reforge to expertise and hit caps.
I'm trying to gear up as well. I have the gear and gem list, but enchants I can't find. I'm just providing what my main can enchant.
These aren't mine, but:

BiS list ~

Max DPS ~

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